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Мастерская нейротехнологий «МИР» сфокусирована на результате. Результат для нас — это движение вперед, развитие. Это преодоление участниками наших тренингов, игр, семинаров, коуч-сессий — трудностей, с которыми они сталкиваются в тех, или иных сферах своей жизни. Вот что некоторые из них говорят о нас:

Участник тренинга
Эффективные переговоры
Большое спасибо за возможность принять участие в тренинге! Очень все понравилось: и тренер, и участники, и атмосфера! Надеюсь, что смогу применять полученную информацию на практике! Еще раз благодарю.

Участник тренинга «Эффективные переговоры. Работа в жестких и манипулятивных переговорах».

Ryan Toni
This course was interesting, kept my attention and most importantly made me want to change my way of doing things. My eyes were truly opened because of what we learned, and the enthusiasm from the other participants and the instructors have inspired me to want to get out in the territory and get started. Great job…! I truly value everything we have learned! Thank you!
This was a very great training. I feel that it related to real-life sales situations, and I will be able to bring my learnings into each sales call.
CEO - Saxton
Thank you so much for the great training! For the first time ever I wasn’t nervous going to a customer meeting—I had my plan and knew exactly what I was going to do.
CEO - Financial
We want to share the results of our Richardson seminar. It was a HUGE success! Rating a 5.73 on a scale of 6.0 – the highest rating a training program has gotten here.
Mikel Jose
Founder - TP Insurace
All in all this training was AMAZING!!! The presenters were amazing. They were engaging, timely, and knowledgeable. I will recommend this course to all sales professionals.
I have attended many sales training programs, and I enjoyed this one the most. Both instructors were very knowledgeable and engaging. I found that the models really work and are of value to me. I will be able to use this in the field to increase my ability to engage my customers and grow my business. Overall, I will be a better communicator.
Director - TriNet
The instructor made the course very enjoyable while still providing a lot of useful information. I really enjoyed taking this workshop and would recommend others to do so as well.
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